Nina Co-Author Wins Play Contest!

Khaos Company Theatre (KCT) recently complete their Dionysia Play Contest announcing that Lunacy: A Play for Our Time, by Joe Reese, was the competition winner! The play contest runs over several weekends and presents excerpts from submitted plays. Audience members can vote, as the Greeks did, by putting colored glass pebbles in vases of the plays they liked best. Through this process of voting, plays were eliminated each week until the final weekend. By winning the competition, KCT will put on a full production of Lunacy (sometime in April 2017).

Lunacy is the story of what happens when the great Greek god, Zeus, decides (after an absence of 2,000 years) to return to earth in search of a paramour. His daughter, Diana, goddess of the moon and hunting, follows in order to warn him of the wrath of his jealous wife, Hera. Fireworks (even nuclear ones) ensue.

Joe was fortunate enough to see one of the night’s production. Using a black box theater, KCT produced exactly what he had hoped to see. The space was intimate, seating around 25 people, and the only stage prop used was a wooden bench. (Theater the way it should be)! Thought the play can be done with two actors in four roles, KTC used four wonderful actors. Their timing and sense of humor highlighted the double entendres written into the script.

Expect more news about this and even pictures from the production next spring!

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