Nina Bannister: Deals for the New Year!

Here we have our first wintry mix of December falling from the sky (icy rain!) and it is a good day to sip cocoa and think about our readers and the coming of 2016. “How about a mid-series kindle countdown to welcome in the new year,” said Joe. T’Gracie agreed, (and so did Kitty, who plays Furl in the series) and it’s ready to begin:

12/30/15-1/2/16   Oil Change–wouldn’t the darkest book in the series is perfect for the short winter days in front of us?

1/7/16-1/11/16      Climate Change–is it El Nino or climate change causing the recent wacky winter weather?

1/12/16-1/14/16    Mind Change–with a new semester coming up, what could be better than a revolution in the halls of ivy?

Happy New Year to all our readers

Joe and T’Gracie Reese


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