How to Read Nina Bannister Books in Order

If you’re like me, there is nothing you like better than discovering a new mystery series and beginning to read it from book one. Dorothy Sayers, Tony Hillerman, Nicolas Freeman–all have given me great pleasure to read in order.

With seven books in the Nina Bannister series, even Joe and I sometimes wonder about the chronological order. Because we both write together, we’ve had periods where books came out frequently-four in 2014!

Each of our books can stand alone, Nina and Furl are in each one, but sometimes things happen to the citizens of Bay St. Lucy. There have been three marriages–and one baby! Although the mystery is solved in each book, imagine reading about–spoiler alert– Baby Belle, and then following that with the first book where Tom and Penelope are introduced  but not in a relationship.

So here we have the complete list to help you read through the series:

Sea Change: The first that introduces Nina and her fellow citizens of Bay St. Lucy, Mississippi.

Set Change: The mystery is centered around small town community theater–where emotions can sometimes run high!

Game Change: Nina returns as principal of Bay St. Lucy High School and steps into the role of women’s basketball coach.

Oil Change: Nina finds a body which leads her to the Aquatica Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Frame Change: From a fun evening at Wine and Watercolor, Nina’s foray into painting leads her into the world of international art smuggling.

Sex Change: Nina finds herself elected to Congress and inadvertently starts a a viral feminist revolution.

Climate Change: Nina and Margot face unexpected guests as a hoard of cozy mystery writers descend on them. This is a parody of cozy mysteries and on the cover, Nina’s face is revealed for the first time.

Happy Reading!


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