Halloween and Magna cum Murder

The Columbia Club hotel in Indianapolis will lead the world in murders per minute (especially those committed by little old ladies in sea side villages). T’Gracie and Joe are heading to Indy October 28-October 30 for our second year at Magna. T’Gracie will be moderating a panel “Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside: Murder in Beautiful Settings.” She’s already hard at work thinking up questions for the panelists and ways to tease Joe, who is also on that panel. She thinks the two of them, on opposite sides of the table can stream a little Jim and Pat Hershey (Climate Change) for laughs.

Together, they will be a writing team on a second panel “The Jessica Fletcher Effect: Writing about Murder in a Small Town.” Both of them look forward to this panel because they think that Bay St. Lucy, where the Nina Bannister series is set, is a character, not a setting. Why is the place so important, especially in a murder mystery? It’s going to be delightful to puzzle about this and other questions with fellow authors who are just as crazy as Joe and T’Gracie.

Last year, Joe won the Sisters-in-Crime Flash Fiction contest. T’Gracie enjoyed meeting and schmoozing with Simon Brett whom T’Gracie had been reading for years. We also discovered William Kent Kreuger and T’Gracie spent most of the winter enjoying his Cork O’Conner mystery series. This year the guest of honor is Canadian writer Maureen Jennings and the international guest of honor is English crime writer Natasha Cooper. Joe may have to hold T’Gracie back as she transforms into a squealing fan!

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