Go Cubs! Three Things to Ensure Cub Victory

The Cubs are in the playoffs! (2 games up!!). This is particularly important for T’Gracie and Joe because the Cubs have played a central role in their marriage, from the days of their early courtship in Bloomington, Indiana. Joe had always been an inveterate baseball fan, but the same could not be said  of T’Gracie. Although she knew the basic rules (Methodist Church women’s church softball championship in 1977-playing 2nd base), she was unschooled in the finer points (it’s much harder to squeeze when the batter’s left handed). Worse still, baseball was for her a pleasant entertainment and not, as it is for any real fan, a lifelong obsession. It was Joe’s job to change all this, of course. And he set about doing it at the Bloomington fans’ natural habitat: Nick’s Pub. There, over pitchers of beer, and late afternoon banter with other fans, T’Gracie and Joe spent some of their most magical moments of graduate school, forgetting Vygotsky and Goethe and communing instead with Harry Carey, Steve Stone, “Sarge” and Ryne Sandberg.

All this was wonderful, but no World Series. Life on the farm, children, no World Series. Great days in Athens, Ohio, no World Series. LIVING IN CHICAGO, still no World Series.

Life slipping away. And now, just maybe, the time has come.  Three things the Cubs need to pull this off for the first time since 1908:

1. Beat Madison Baumgartner.

2. Beat Kersaw, or Schertzer, depending.

3. Request several days of national prayer.

T’Gracie, Joe and Margot’s husband, Goldman Bristow, will be watching. Who knows? Maybe this will all lead to a new Nina Bannister book: Pitching Change.


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