Sex Change

Nina Banister Cozy Mysteries

Retired school teacher Nina Bannister has not been idle in her golden years. Now, this famous resident of Bay St. Lucy, Mississippi, is heeding the call of duty again, by running as a replacement candidate for the U.S. Congress when the state’s present Representative is killed in a plane crash.

To her great surprise, Nina is elected, and–to her even greater surprise–finds herself the symbol of the powerful ‘Lissie’ movement, which strives to put women in positions of national leadership. The movement gains momentum, but it also creates danger, as an unknown letter writer threatens Nina’s life. Can she identify the letter writer in time, and can she succeed in bringing a Sex Change to the leadership of this country? Learn the answers as you read the sixth Nina Bannister book, Sex Change.

…a really good book, one that maybe some of those guys up in Washington should read and get a few ideas from wink wink.
THe Gal iN THe BLue MaSK

Part of me wanted to break out page by page in a rant against the politics of the rich and powerful, which generally run counter to those of the rest of us 99 pct. Another part of me wanted to cheer Nina every step of her way, from down South retired schoolteacher to internationally-known Robin Hood of American Politics to internationally-known newsmaker.

So, now that I’ve read the first and the latest (I do not say last because I hope Nina keeps going) Nina Bannister Mystery. I can’t wait to read the books that come in between. It will be like a wonderful visit with old friends.
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