Set Change

Nina Banister Cozy Mysteries

Town elder Nina Bannister, a retired English teacher and former mentor to the beautiful broadway star Helen Reddington, is invited to rehearsals to offer advice. Nina is more than happy to share her wisdom, but it soon becomes apparent that the acting company is in need of more than literary help, as the famous actor is a tyrant to both his cast and his wife. When the man is also exposed as a philanderer, Nina fears that her former pupil is in danger. The morning after opening night, the famous actor is found dead in his bedroom––along with enough suspects to stage a murder mystery. Nina quickly becomes involved because she wants to protect her pupil and several other potential suspects.

It is a great book and I recommend it highly to others!
Kathryn J. Riedel
This one kept me up late. Real late!
Fort Wayne Prof.