Frame Change

Nina Banister Cozy Mysteries

Nina Bannister loves to paint, and she sees nothing wrong with hanging her paintings and those of her fellow painting classmates on the walls of Elementals, a small shop she runs in downtown Bay St. Lucy. But, when the shop’s owner, Margot Gavin, a former administrator at the Chicago Art Institute, arrives for a visit, she is appalled at the sight of all the beginner artwork, and demands that her friend remove the eyesores––that is, paintings––from the walls.

Nina is hurt but her feelings are quickly forgotten when Margot invites Carol Walker, a creative young docent she had met at the Chicago school, to visit and present a holographic art show at Bay St. Lucy’s famous Auberge des Arts. The program proves so impressive, that both Margot and Nina are shocked to learn that its innovative creator has been recently summarily fired from the Institute. The young woman is miserable and confesses that she has no job prospects––and even worse, her father is in ill health and Carol, being an only child, is his only hope for saving their family farm.

Margot and Nina take the young woman under their wing, but no sooner does she take up residence in Nina’s small house, that they all become embroiled in a mysterious and dangerous art smuggling ring. Can Nina save Carol and herself as well as a number of valuable paintings? Can Carol find employment and save the family farm? Just who is The Red Claw and what threat does he pose to the art world? These questions and more are all answered in FRAME CHANGE.

This book is a great cozy mystery filled with all sorts of mystery and adventure. This book is great for anyone who loves cozy mysteries filled with intrigue and suspense. Can’t wait to see what Nina does in her next book!
Paula Mitchell
This is book 5 of Nina Bannister Mysteries and the only one I have read. I feel that it can stand alone really well. I would like to read the other 4 books now. I was happy about how it all came together and surprised me. The suspense was good. I enjoyed the plot.
That everyone started to think because her paintings were selling that she must be a good artist. So they jumped on the band wagon.

You are drawn into Carol and Nina’s lives and you want to see them solve their problems and see how far Nina’s paintings will go.

You can see how easy it is when you need money to start making wrong choices and then you get deeper and deeper into trouble.

I like the sense of humor in the book too. I laughed a few times.


The story stands alone on its own merit, but I would have liked to read the previous ones so I could get to know Nina better. It’s always nice to have the full picture, but as I said, the story itself didn’t suffer and was filled with intrigue. The mystery takes several twists and turns along the way and Nina is a strong character. It’s a fast-paced story, which led me to a conclusion that I hadn’t expected at all. I would definitely want to read the next book, but first I’m going to go back and get the backlist.

If you love cozy mysteries, give this one a try. – Yvonne Reviews ‘Mystery Lover’

An interesting twist to the usual cozy mystery.