Climate Change

Nina Banister Cozy Mysteries

Climate Change, the new cozy mystery book in the Nina Bannister series by T’Gracie Reese and Joe Reese, is now available from Cozy Cat Press.

Nina Bannister’s good friend, Margot Gavin, has invited Nina to her bed and breakfast plantation house, The Candles, for a few days of rest. Nina is looking forward to a quiet visit with Margot, and the two friends sit down to a snack of tea and wine. Unbeknownst to them, their plans will be interrupted, first by thirty unexpected guests (and their cats) who arrive by limousines, and then by an unexpected former owner who has been deceased since the Civil War. What else can possibly occur? How about an unexpected hurricane (the aptly named Clarence)! Can Nina and Margot face the many challenges (and keep their sense of humor) for what will happen when the wind blows, the rain rains and the fur flies—literally—in this weirder than weird Climate Change?