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Dear Cozy Mystery Books Reader,

If you love mystery books, you’re in the right place! Welcome to my little home on the web. I’m Nina Bannister, retired high school English teacher/principal and cozy mystery heroine. I have lived my whole life in Bay St. Lucy, and even though it’s such a quaint, seaside town, we sure seem to have our share of murder mysteries!

Nina Bannister Cozy Mysteries

My young friend, sweet blue-eyed Macy Peterson was accused of murdering the heir to old man Robinson’s inheritance in the cozy mystery bookSea Change. Then, when local actress, Helen, returned to Bay St. Lucy with her famous husband to stage a performance of Hamlet, another murder occurred. This time Helen, if you can believe it, was accused and proving that she didn’t do it takes place in Set Change. Then as I was coaching the women’s basketball team, my despicable boss mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The entire community was shocked to learn what happened to her in Game Change. Shortly thereafter, tragedy struck in Oil Change when a young, brilliant ex-student of mine was found dead in one of the town’s drainage canals. The search for his killer led me far off-shore to the massive oil rig Aquatica, as we were faced with the possibility of a devastating eco-disaster. And, just when I thought everything was finally back to normal, I was led into the dangerous and shadowy world of international art smuggling and found myself in the mountains of southern Austria battling the mysterious Red Claw and completing a thorough and shocking Frame Change. Next, I was off to Washington, D.C.! I was so flattered to learn that after the unexpected death of our long-time state representative in the legislature, the community wanted me to go to Congress. I lost my temper and said some things I shouldn’t have said, but wound up starting a political revolution and bringing about a national Sex Change.

New Murder Mystery Book

Whew! After all that I deserved a good long rest. My best friend Margot invited me to spend a few quiet days relaxing at her plantation house bed and breakfast. No guests were scheduled to be there and we should have had a relaxing few days, sipping mint juleps and remembering old times.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case! My latest cozy mystery adventure takes place in Climate Change, the latest in the Nina Bannister cozy mystery books available now!
joe-tgracie-reeseI must say something now about my writers, T’Gracie and Joe Reese. I get a bit perturbed at them sometimes because of the situations that they put me in. The good thing is they always seem to get me out again, they and the muse they’ve endowed me with, the wonderful Jane Austen. I also appreciate my little beach side cottage and all my friends and my special visits with Frank (who, even though he is not here in the flesh, will always occupy a large part of my mind and soul). I know the time that T’Gracie spent in Lafayette, Louisiana adds that Cajun touch to some of the stories and Joe’s gentle sense of humor always makes me smile, even when things seem darkest.

I’m excited that you have visited my seaside bungalow website. Here you can find up-to-date news about the world of Bay St. Lucy, some of my favorite cozy recipes (although if you don’t want to cook, we could go to Sergio’s by the Sea or Bagatelli’s for a quick bite). There will be musings from authors T’Gracie and Joe, and you can stop by the books page to see what new cozy mystery books we have to offer. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me (and Furl) on Facebook, too!

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